CU Youth Month 2019


April is Credit Union Youth Month!

Dreaming of ideal future delights inspires us. Children, with their fertile imaginations, are particularly good at dreaming. But to make dreams come true, you need to have clear goals and, very likely, save some money to make them happen. The Youth Month theme this year is “The Future is Yours: Picture it! Save for it! Share it!”

As a way to celebrate Youth Month, we’re encouraging young individuals to open a savings account here at West Texas CU to get the ball rolling on their future goals. Each new youth account will receive a free gift at time of opening. In addition, your child can enter into a drawing competition to win either a $100 or $200 savings deposit! All they have to do is pick up a drawing sheet from the Credit Union and draw a picture of what they plan to save their money for. Completed drawings should be returned to the CU no later than April 30, 2019. A winner will be selected thereafter. Winner must have an active savings account with West Texas Credit Union.

Items needed for account openining:

  • Child's SS Card
  • Child's Birth Certificate
  • Parent's DL
  • Parent's SS Card
  • $5 to open account

We’re excited to assist with creating a starting point in these young members’ lives!

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