Depreciation Protection


Did you know West Texas CU offers Depreciation Protection? Stop depreciation in it's tracks! The new total loss protection.

What is Depreciation Protection (DPW)? 

Depreciation Protection kicks in if your vehicle is ever totaled or stolen and not recovered at anytime over the life of the loan. It waives some or all of your loan balance in the event of the total loss of your vehicle. The waiver benefit is equal to the difference between your vehicle’s MSRP or retail value at the time of DPW purchase, less the amount of your loan balance at the time of total loss. (The benefit cannot exceed the DPW addendum limit or your outstanding loan balance at the time of total loss.)


Debt Protection (DPW) is ideal for those who:

• Put money down or have equity in the vehicle
• Make accelerated loan payments
• Desire protection from vehicle depreciation
• Desire peace of mind knowing the money invested in a vehicle could be protected


What are some of the benefits of protection?

• Benefit triggered by collision or comprehensive total loss, including theft
• Life of loan protection
• No mileage, make or year restrictions
• Open enrollment
• 100% refundable for first 60-days
• Accidental Death protection included, which provides for cancellation of up to $1,000 of your outstanding loan balance if you die in an accident



Download the Depreciation Protection Brochure here. 

How to get Depreciation Protection (DPW)

Tell your Loan Officer that you’d like the added benefit of Depreciation Protection and it can be added at the time of loan financing. For personal help with Depreciation Protection, drop by your neighborhood West Texas CU branch or give us a call at (432) 934-0433.


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