Fee Schedule

Savings Account $5.00
Checking Account $5.00
Reopen Previous Account Fee $3.00
Excessive W/D Fee (>9/Quarter) $5.00
Monthly Service Fee on Checking Accts $6.00
Business Account Fees:  
Business Account $25.00
One Time Fee to Open $25.00
Monthly Service Fee $10.00
Overnight Rush Orders for Debit cards & PINS:  
UPS fee (Card) $26.00
Visa fee (Card) $20.00
UPS fee (PIN) $26.00
Visa fee (PIN) $20.00
Misc. Service Fees (applicable to all accounts)  
Stop Payment Fee (per item) $25.00
*NSF/CP (per item) $28.00
*CP (auto tx to cover NSF/item) $5.00
Debit Card Replacement Fee $15.00
Debit Card PIN # Replacement Fee $FREE
*ATM W/D Fee $1.00
*ATM Inquiry Fee $1.00
Close Account (within 90 days after opening) $10.00
Account Reconciliation Fee $10.00/hr
Account Research Fee $10.00/hr
Coin Activity Fee (Over $50.00 in coin) $5.00
Deposit Item Return Fee  (Each) $28.00
Check Photocopy Fee $2.00/ea.
Statement Copy Fee $2.00/ea.
Verification of Deposit Documentation Fee $2.00/ea.
Account History Fee $3.00 1st pg/$1.00 additonal pgs
Fax Fee $2.00 1st pg/$1.00 additional pgs
Wire Transfer Fee (outgoing) $15.00; over 50k $20.00
Returned Mail/Bad Address Fee ( after 1st) $1.00
Items sent for Collections $15.00
Teller Chk Fee – 1st 3 are FREE $2.00
Visa Gift Card Purchase Fee $3.00/card
Password Reset fee (allowed 1 free/month) $1.00/reset
Inactive Account Fee $5.00
Processing Fee for Levy, Garnishment, or Notice of Freeze $30.00/ea.
Safe Deposit Box Fees (52nd only)  
Annual Rental Fees *(Key Deposit) $5.00
       3×5 $15.00
       3×10 $30.00
       5×10 $45.00
*Drilling Fee: (Actual Fee by Locksmith) $TBD

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