New Year's Resolutions You Can Actually Keep

Posted: January 2, 2019
It’s another year, and you’re looking at another long list of New Year’s resolutions that are remarkably similar to last year’s goals - lose weight, join a gym, be more organized, spend less and save more. Every year, you’re determined to make this the year. The year that those resolutions actually stick. And yet, come February, you’ve fallen back to old eating habits, neglected to renew your gym membership and gotten sloppy in keeping your household and schedule organized. And of course, you’re blowing through your budget like it’s on fire.
This year, you’re actually going to stick to those financial resolutions well after the New Year’s confetti drifts away. You’ll get a handle on your budget. You’ll manage your money more efficiently. You’ll learn how to spend less and you’ll watch your savings grow. You’ll work at it until your finances look the way you really want them to. As our holiday gift to you, WTCU has compiled this convenient workbook to help you bring those dreams into reality. Use this workbook to map out your financial goal, and track them throughout the year. Each page features another worksheet to record your goals and remain committed. Track your progress throughout the year and flip back to celebrate your victories when you need a boost. We’ve also sprinkled short blurbs on creating and sticking to financial goals that will keep your inspiration fired up all year long. Together, let’s make those financial goals come true!
New Year's Resolutions Workbook

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